Record best Dark Side Territory Battles results tallied by multiple Empire Alliance Guilds

The Empire Alliance is pleased to report that multiple Guilds in our Alliance scored record-best results in the Dark Side Territory Battle that concluded earlier today. Empire Alliance - SWGoHAs the day progressed it became clear that DotE would easily surpass the previous record of 41 stars, but on the same day that saw the Guild hit 130 million Galactic Power, the Guild reached 44 stars taking two extra stars in Phase 6.

Meanwhile, EotE, formerly MyWookieSteakIsChewie not only hit 100 million GP but also scored a record-best 39 stars. In addition, FotE, another one of our four HAAT Guilds, scored a team best 27 stars. Finally, Bobba Fettish, the newest member of the Empire Alliance, increased their star count from 22 to 24 stars this time around.

While space is quite limited in our Alliance at the moment, those interested in a new SWGoH Guild can apply to join the Empire Alliance online by filling out the form linked.

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