GotE becomes 4th Empire Alliance Guild to topple the Heroic Sith Raid

The Empire Alliance is pleased to announce that a 4th guild has defeated the Sith Triumvirate Raid’s Heroic tier. Gårdians of the Empire (GotE for short) completed a successful first attempt of the Heroic STR in Galaxy of Heroes over the weekend. More impressively, they did so with 125 million Galactic Power and without the need for help from others within the alliance and will now move forward as a HSTR Guild.

“We set the goal to build our players’ rosters to prepare for the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid and worked hard towards that goal for weeks,” said Skybacca, Leader of GotE. “We’re quite proud of this accomplishment and that we were able to do this 100% on our own. It was a fantastic team effort.”

MotorCity Maniac, an officer in GotE added, “We received a tremendous amount of support from our Alliance in preparing for our first HSTR. The knowledge, support, and tools that our Alliance brought helped ensure we were ultimately successful to reach our goal of taking down the Triumvirate in 28 hours on our first attempt.”

Skybacca, MCM and their fellow leaders wanted to make sure to thank PsychoPoet and JP Fit for their efforts in helping to organize the GotE members and ensure the victory.

The Empire Alliance (TEA) is a drama-free alliance of Guilds for SWGoH players to congregate and compete in the game. For those looking for a SWGoH guild building for the Heroic STR or just a casual guild for daily play when it is convenient, The Empire Alliance has you covered with now 8 guild options. SWGoH players can apply online using the form in the link.

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