The Empire Alliance is made up of six Guilds of players of the popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. The Empire Alliance started with four organized groups of players – RotE, VotE, DotE and MotE – before Guilds were introduced to SWGoH in 2016. DotE, aka Descendants of the Empire, was originally founded as a training Guild while RotE and VotE found early success in the game. Eventually, a merger with OSS and DotE vaulted the Guild to be able to fight the Heroic Rancor Raid and grow on their own.

Empire Alliance - SWGoHAfter the Tank Raid was introduced, VotE and RotE split off to form Sith Happens, a Guild full of many good friends of the Empire Alliance’s members. In late 2016 DotE became more focused on the Heroic AAT and attempted HAAT without success in early January 2017, hitting the Phase 2 wall that many guilds have hit in their early HAAT attempts. While this could have been discouraging, it instead united the group as they spent the next 30 days powering up their teams for HAAT and launching the Heroic Tank Takedown in early February and never looking back.

Six months later, while we awaited new content in SWGoH, officers from DotE left to help build a partnered guild, MyWookieSteakIsChewie, into a HAAT Guild. During this time multiple small mergers took place bringing in several key members and leaders. The addition of MotE, aka Mercenaries of the Empire, to the Empire Alliance saw things come full circle after months of DotE and MotE not being in contact with one another, and the growth continued in the months ahead.

Today, the Empire Alliance is seven Guilds strong with four currently fighting the Heroic AAT and three fighting the Heroic Sith Raid. While changes continue to take place, the Empire Alliance has the philosophy of looking to fit each player with the correct style of Guild, being professional and keeping the drama out of the game to keep it fun for all involved.