Empire Alliance Update: 7th Guild added to the Team, EotE set to take on Heroic STR

The Empire Alliance continues to heat up like the summer temperatures in the USA as the Alliance is set to grow once again and take another major step forward. Fragments of the Empire, aka FotE, will be merging with the guild Asgardian I Alliance. The merger will see members from both guilds mix and move into one of the two FotE with AIA joining The Empire Alliance as our seventh guild after the current Territory Battles has completed.

Meanwhile, plans are in place to make Echoes of the Empire (EotE) our second Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid guild. While Descendants of the Empire (DotE) was an early champion of the HSTR defeating the Sith Triumvirate in early April 2018, EotE will benefit from that experience, knowledge and organization now after several members added Rey (Jedi Training) to their rosters in June.

While space is quite limited in our Alliance at the moment, those interested in a new SWGoH Guild can apply to join the Empire Alliance online by filling out the form linked.